Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

False Pretenses by Kathy Herman

I want to talk to you today about a book I just finished, False Pretenses. I really enjoyed this book. I hope you will get a copy to read yourself. Kathy did a wonderful job on her story.

This is a story about two couples, one couple living a life of lies and deceptions, the other living a life serving a God they know and love. It tells how their lives were interwoven and how God was able to use the situation to turn everything around.

Zoe is a young woman that was badly abused by her own father. Her mother knew of the abuse but failed to help the young girl. Zoe took jobs to stay away from home and then took a job as a live in servant far from home.  After working several years for a wonderful lady she steals a valuable ring and hides the money in three banks. Sometime later she runs away, changes her name, and buys a Cajun Eatery. She meets a wonderful man and marries him even though she swore she would never marry. Now five years later everything she has is in jeopardy because of her deception.

Pierce tries to save his wife, his neighbor Vanessa, and his own life while trying to understand how the woman he loved could have deceived him the whole time he knew her. How could he ever trust her again? Could he forgive her? Could he live without her?

Vanessa and Ethan are a young couple who are still trying to get over a life changing experience of their own. They have moved here to rebuild a family home and turn it into a Bread and Breakfast. Through their own trials they have learned to trust God in all situations. They have a real relationship with their Father. They set out to help Zoe and Pierce.

I liked the struggles that tore them apart, brought them together, and that even though Zoe had made terrible mistakes how her town rallied around them. Zoe's journey could easily be one that we all take even though we may not have made mistakes as serious as her we all make mistakes. These characters and their struggles were real and I loved who they were and how they reacted. I know you will enjoy the book. You can find out more about how to get the book  at


  1. I'm the author of FALSE PRETENSES, Glenda, and just want to say thanks for the great review. I'm thrilled you enjoyed the book. It's a privilege writing stories that inspire and challenge, and I never take for granted the gift the Lord has entrusted to me. FALSE PRETENSES was just the first book in a trilogy. All three books feature these same characters and same bayou country setting.

  2. Thank you Kathy, I will look forward to reading the next book. God bless you and keep writing.