Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Monday, September 17, 2012

The Doctor's Defender by Terry Reed

My post today is a book review on The Doctor's Defender. This book was a Love Inspired, October 2012 issue. I love Terri Reed's books and always look forward to reading them. This book is no exception. It was one of the Protection Specialists Series.

Dr. Brenda Storm is an important trauma surgeon at a large hospital. She receives an anonymous gift of poisoned cupcakes, causing the death of one of the security guards. Her Boss hires a body guard to protect her. Brenda doesn't really believe her life is in danger until another attempt is made in the operating room. The much to handsome body guard looks and acts more like a surfer than a body guard. Even though he is always joking around and trying to lighten up the situation, he manages to save her life and whisks her off to a place she should be safe, her parents home, right. They aren't there long when it is obvious that something is wrong there.

Kyle Martin is drawn to the beautiful doctor but feels she is to up tight. As he probes into her past and her relationship to God, he is  pulled into her world. He does everything he can do help her find her way back to her Heavenly Father. Brenda wants no part of faith, a very important issue for Kyle. He decides that is part of his mission, to lead her back to God. With each attempt on her life they are pulled closer together.

 I loved all the drama. Her characters were intriguing and although total opposites they blended well together. I really enjoyed this book. I hope you will all get a copy, I know you will like it too.Visit her at

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  1. Terry Reed is a great writer. I really look forward to this book. Thanks for reviewing it.