Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Friday, September 21, 2012

Geese Mate for Life by Lillian Duncan

My post today in a book review; Geese Mate for Life. I haven't had the opportunity to read any of Lillian's books before and I always love to find new authors. I will indeed get more of her books. The book is really different but I really enjoyed. It's always nice to read a book that's not a rubber stamp of all thing romance books you read.  In fact I was not able to figure out who had done the murder until the very end, that is always a plus for me.

In the prologue Michael Hamilton is called into his boss's office, suddenly hot, sweating, and hulcinating
he is arrested for embezzling from the company. He is rushed from the police station to the hospital where he dies of a cocaine overdose, a suspected suicide. This is a Christian man that would take pennies back to a business if he received extra change.

The book is Jenni Hamilton's journey to accept what has happened even though it went against everything she knew to be true about her husband. Her mother tries to help her by drugging her without her knowledge, a doctor give her medication without even seeing her, her husband's boss tries to help smooth thing away, and even her husband's lawyer tries to convince her it is the truth and she must accept it. They all tell her he was guilty of embezzling three million dollars, putting the money in off shore accounts, and that he was leaving her so he could be with his lover.

Finally a friend that had led them to the Lord talks to her about what an honorable man he was how honest he was, even to a fault. So begins her journey to find the truth. She is kidnapped, thrown into a mental hospital, chased by murders, and her home is blown up. It is a fast paced suspense that will not let you put it down.

I loved this book a gained a lot of insight in my craft through this book I hope you run out and get a copy.
As always God bless you and thanks for reading my blog. I do so appreciate it. You can learn more about Lillian's books at:

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