Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Friday, May 25, 2012

The attack!

This week has been one attack after another. I'm sorry I even missed blogging on Wednesday but I was struggling to just survive.

Sunday had been such a blessing to me. We had a word from God saying; "I'm well pleased with you, ask me what you will and I will do it. Just reach out and take what you need." He said many other things but that was what really touched my heart. I needed two thousand dollars for my mission trip, over six hundred for airplane tickets, a hundred for insurance, and spending money for the necessities for the trip so I asked God for three thousand dollars. I reached out and I took the money out of His hand just like He instructed. God is so good.

Monday I received notice that The Vessel was sending five hundred dollars for the mission trip. Praise God only twenty-five hundred to go!

Tuesday was the one year anniversary of my youngest daughter's death. I loved my daughter so much. She had so many health issues and mental issues I would never want her to come back but for some reason it just knocked me off my feet. I spent most of the day in tears. I know she is happy and is loved but it was so hard for me that day.

Wednesday I woke up and could hardly move. My back hurt so bad I could hardly move. I did go to my prayer group but as the day progressed my back got worse no matter how I prayed. I wasn't able to go to church that night and it broke my heart. I took a hot bath and curled up in bed. My bff called me after church and asked me how I was. I told her I was fine in a weak little voice (feeling very sorry for myself.)  She yelled, "FINE! What happened to blessed?" (That is always my answer when anyone asks my how I am. If you follow my blog you might remember I was ministering to her a week ago.) Well  that made me sit up and take notice of what I was doing. WOW! I spent the next hour rebuking the devil and his cohorts.

Thursday, things were going much better, I was up on my feet and was able to do the work around the house  but I received notice from Big World Venture saying all on my money had to be in the office by June first. Wow, I only have one week to get all the money I need. I am fourteen hundred and thirty dollars short. That really knocked me off my feet again. When I went to bed I told God I had done all I could do it is up to Him now. God gave me peace and I slept better that I had all week.

This morning I spent some time outside with the Lord. He reminded me that I had taken every extra penny I had to send in for the mission's trip plus I tithe, give another ten percent to other ministries, and I give whenever He tells me too. He was going to take care of the rest. I had done all I could now watch and see what He would do. Praise God. It is His will for me to go and He would make sure I went.

Don't you just love it when God talks to you and He doesn't get angry with you if you slip into a little pity party, He still loves you. He may rebuke us but He does it in such a loving way.

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  1. I too have had a week of attacks. Thanks for exposing yours with words of encouragement to press on. God bless.