Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Monday, June 23, 2014

Smoking Springs by Robert C. Mowry

My book review today on the book, Smoking Springs. I was sent an advance reader copy to read and review, this review is in my own words. I don't know as I can say this is a book that you will enjoy because it's not that kind of a book. I found it interesting, well written and at times heart breaking.

Judah Ward is a Confederate Soldier from Texas, stranded in New Mexico Territory. He has been shot in the foot a month ago; his foot is infected to the point the surgeons want to remove it, one of his officers shoots him in the shoulder, he's struck by shrapnel ravaging his skull while taking off part of his ear, and is suffering from frostbite and exhaustion. While all the other Texan's want only to go home Judah vows never to go home.

Sam Houston McCoy, his cousin, has promised he would get Judah home to his daddy. Sam manages to keep the surgeons from cutting off his foot. He steals a mule from the union soldiers and refuses to leave Judah behind as they did the other wounded soldiers. He's helped by former slave named Bones, a kind Mexican girl named Ramona, Ramona's uncle Cisco, and an Apache woman he names Red Bear.

This is a journey of one man through the horrors of war with nothing left but a determination to live. He struggles with his past and a father who was a hell, fire , and brimstone preacher. His only concept of God was someone to slap him down when he stepped out of line. Judah didn't know what he had done to make God so mad but it seemed there was no hope.
I recommend this book, I pray you have a good week and God bless you.

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