Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Friday, June 6, 2014

From A Distance by Tamera Alexander

My book review today is on the book, From a Distance by Tamera Alexander. This book is the first book in the Timber Ridge Reflections Series. I loved this book, I do have to apologize for having taken so long to read it. My Kindle is cracked and I haven't been able to replace it so it only works part time. I also have hundreds of books on it so I try to take it as I receive them but it's hard to get through them. This story weaves the horrors of the Civil War and the wonders of the Colorado territory together in a thrilling way. You will enjoy every minute of it, you will laugh, you will cry, and you will be angry at the injustice of it all. Tamera does a great job weaving her faith into the broken lives of the three main characters even as hardships take over their lives.

Elizabeth Garrett Westbrook comes to Timber Ridge, Colorado with a mission to become the first female photojournalist for the Washington Daily Chronicle. One of three candidates, she is determined to get pictures of breathtaking scenery, spectacular photographs of wildlife and the recently discovered cliff dwellings of the native Americans. Elizabeth has suffered her whole life from a lung condition. Her doctor's believe that the fresh, clear, mountain air can heal her lungs. Her Father, a United State Senator believes she has come to become a teacher and sends her supplies for the school. Elizabeth can't let anyone know what she is there for, so she tells everyone photography is her hobby. She hires a black man to be her assistant. Although she comes to respect and honor Josiah, people in the town are less accepting but he has become invaluable to Elizabeth.

Daniel Ranslett was a man who in his own way was hiding from his past and the memories that tormented him. Daniel had been a sharpshooter in the war and had lost his family and everything he held dear. Now a trapper and hunter he was trying to make up for what had happened. He had been trying to save the Colorado territory for years, now with this Senator's daughter maybe he could make a difference. When someone destroys Elizabeth's equipment, reveals her true intentions, and accuses Josiah of murder, Daniel takes these two into deep Colorado Territory to photograph the cliff dwellings.

It's a wonderful story of faith, love, and God's goodness in his plan that has interwoven the lives of these three. You will especially love the end. A must read! God bless you all and have a great weekend.     

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