Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
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Friday, June 27, 2014

The Mountain Place of Knowledge by Marshall Chamberlain

My book review today is on the book Mountain Place of Knowledge. This is the first book of the Ancestor Series of Adventure-Thrillers. So I did this backwards, I read the second book first and then read this one but they can each stand alone. I liked the first book so much I asked to read the second, I don't normally do that. This is a great read. I don't always like science fiction but this one is very well written and I enjoyed the characters. (I do wish there was more of a romance between John Henry and M.E.)

 Calvin Stanvich, Curator of the Belize Museum of Natural History has found a burial chamber of a Mayan Sorceress, Myakka, at the top of a sacrificial pyramid; the chamber contains a diary, ancient metallic scrolls, and 1100 year old codex. As he translates it, the diary talks of a sentinel tree that opens a secret door in a mountain; where a scepter was found that would heal people, Tritium, a place of knowledge, and information of an advanced civilization. Minister Jacobson asks Dr. Courtney, a scientist on vacation to go with Calvin. Dr. Courtney and his aide are killed under questionable circumstances. The Minister asks for assistance from the UN.

John Henry Morgan is called in by the Deputy Secretary General of the UN; Dr. Courtney was Morgan's mentor, and a good friend. John Henry goes in as acting Director of the ISUP. (Institute of the Study of Unusual Phenomena) He brings Dr. Mary Ellen Rollins in and his team to investigate the deaths. The investigation shows that the phenomena is real; Calvin isn't the man he poses to be, that they are being monitored by the CIA, and that the Chinese have somehow become involved.

It is a fast paced adventure, on the order of an Indiana Jones Story. It is a book that is hard to put down. I highly recommend it. God bless you all and have a great weekend.

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