Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Ice Cap and The Rift by Marshall Chamberlain

My book review today is on an Advance Reader's Copy of the book, The Ice Cap and The Rift. It was sent to me to read and review. My review is totally my own thoughts and idea. This is the second book in the Ancestor Series of Adventure-Thrillers. I loved this book. It's full of all kind of facts that were mostly over my head but yet somehow kept my attention and only added to the suspense and intrigue. If I had a complaint about the book it would be that the other world people called the attacks on the earth from jehovah. I had an issue with that one thing. I wish you would have called him Lucifer instead, he's the one that attacks the earth and all mankind. I have to warn you that this book is very hard to put down. I usually read two or three books at a time but I put the other books on hold and just read this one. I hope to have the opportunity to read the first, and I can assure I'll read the next one.

The UN's Institute for the Study of Usual Phenomena (ISUP) is called to the largest  single shift ever recorded on the earth. John Henry Morgan is the new director of the ISUP and it's his job to keep the new find in house. Morgan is a geologist and an ex-marine he goes to the rift expecting it to be just another job but it soon turns into a dangerous experience. He will deal with CIA operatives that are sabotaging his mission. He and his men are able to find most of their bugs but miss a camera. A Chinese student visits and bugs the place without their knowledge.

As the men explore the cave at the bottom of the rift, they find evidence of a civilized population from thousands of years ago. The Chinese, Islam terrorists, and his own CIA are all working to steal his artifacts. Morgan goes all over the world to try to put a stop to this theft and get his artifact back.

It's not the kind of books I normally read but I'm sure you will enjoy every minute of this book.

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