Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Friday, August 3, 2012

Never the Same Saga

I want to continue my saga on my mission trip. I shared with you that for several weeks I was not sure if I would be able to go on the trip. I really felt like I had failed God! I felt like if I just had more faith for the money, if I hadn't tried to figure out how to pay for the trip myself,(there was no way I could) or if I had more trust God woul;d have blessed me with the finances but I had failed. I was totally heartbroken. I kept seeing the face of a teenage girl, a girl I was suppose to minister to. I felt if I couldn't go that girl might be lost. There are no words to describe the horror that thought was. I know that some would say that was not from God. I was probably just in pride thinking I could make a difference in someone life I don't even know. This girls face would not leave my mind and as the date drew closer the feelings became worse. Everytime I prayed all I received was "Trust Me".

I told you that God made a way when there seemed to be no way. He opened a door that no man could shut. I went on the mission trip. The day that the kids arrived was on Monday. The leaders were all assigned jobs to make the arrival of three hundred kids go smoothly. Some went to the airport to pick them up. We were in Fort Lauderdale and the kids flew into Miami. All the kids had to have there mission shirts on so we could spot them easily in the airport, then they were brought to the hotel in huge buses. We would get thirty of forty at a time. They would leave their luggage and walk around the tables that were set up in a huge circle. They would give someone their name and passport, they would recieve a pouch with thier name tag,  devotional books that they would need through the trip, one of the tables had a place to sign up for and excursion trip. My table was the last and my job was to give them their room keys. Then they would take their luggage and someone would help them find their rooms. I worked the afternoon shift and I saw that girls face, she was on my team. Praise God I was able to minister into her life. God gave me the words she neede to hear and she was a different girl when she went home. God is so good!  I just praise him for what he did in my life and the life of that girl.

Good bless you all. Thanks for visiting my blog.

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