Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Friday, August 17, 2012

Kate's Song by Jennifer Beckstrand

Today I want to write a book review of Kate's Song. It is an Amish book and I love to read them but this isn't a traditional story. Kate loves to sing in a world where that is prideful and sinful. She has just returned home from attending a music academy for the last two years. She was thrown into the middle of a violent situation and has come home beaten and broken. She is determined to find God will in her life. She loves Him with all of her heart and only wants to serve Him. In her journey she find love and fulfillment, as it comes to an end and she know exactly what her purpose is when her life is thrown upside down by an older brother who should have loved and protected her. Has God abandoned her? Does He even care that she has lost everything? Can she be happy in the music world away from everything she loves.

It was an amazing book. I lover Jennifer's characters, they were so real. I think we often have a situations like this take place in our lives. We finally are sure we know what God wants us to do only to have satan get in there and turn our world upside down. How many times do we simply quit and take the easist path? I see people do this so often. People we need to push forth when the devil tries to hold us down. God has so many wonderful things for us if we can only trust Him. God didn't make all the wondrous and glorious things for the sinners He made them for His children. We need to read His Word, obey it, and trust Him with all our heart. God is so good.

You can find Kate's Story at or at I hope you will read it I know you will love it. As always God bless you.

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