Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
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Friday, October 28, 2011

Sex and Money

 I have been talking about grace and I will return to it again but yesterday I was watching the 700 club and they touched my heart. My last book is about the terrible problem of Human Trafficking in the US.  My heart was broken by this problem. I was heart broken because I didn't have anything to give to this cause. God told me to write a book about it to bring the problem to the forefront. Yesterday they had a group who have a made a documentary on this problem. I want to share some of that information with you. It is a passion in my heart.

A new documentary on human trafficking shows it's a more serious problem inside the US than people realize. The film entitled Sex and Money produced by a group of young Christian filmmakers focuses on the dangers of pornography which fuels this modern day tragedy.

The goal behind this film is to let ordinary Americans know that trafficking exists in their everyday world and it targets their young sons and daughters. "I thought I was the only 12 year old. I was told to lie and say I was 16 to anyone that asked." one young victim recalls in the film. "I was 14 and he took me to California." another victim says.

Young children are supposed to be at home at this age in a loving, comforting, environment. Instead they're with pimps and johns in dangerous places where they are raped, abused, and forced to do inconceivable acts. 

Filmmakers covered the country from cities and suburb areas. They talk to experts, former pimps who sold their victims to whomever would buy. Now the group is on the road again screening the documentary in churches and on college campuses.  "When people see this film they get really upset about this issue and a lot of times with education comes motivation to do something."  Morgan Perry, co-producer says.

 Perry said the film has led one physician to train other doctors how to spot victims. One flight attendant also began an awareness campaign for her peers.
The production has also opened new conversations and ministry times in churches where they've shown it.
"I've had women come up to me, countless people, saying, 'I've been raped, sexually abused, addicted to porn and masterbation for X number of years," co-producer Sarah-Jo Sampson said.
"And I'm just realizing -- this is such a reality -- how much guilt and shame people are carrying for what's been done to them," she said.
This experience has also impacted the producers themselves.
When their research showed that different media often drives a person to buy sex, they realized the need to catch the attention of this iPod-driven generation.
"I think our generation has a choice with whether we're going to be contributing to the problem or whether we're going to be doing something positive to help the situation," co-producer Tim Dyk said.
Get involved are children are the most important thing in the world.

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