Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Monday, January 18, 2016

Mail Order Bride: Montana Surprise by Linda Bridely

My review today is on the book, Mail Order Bride: Montana Surprise. This book is the ninth book in the Echo Canyon Brides Series. This book is well writer, humorous, and the characters are very interesting, especially Arliss and Andi. I enjoyed the book very much. It's not the
Christian fiction I usually read but it was clean and entertaining.

Gino Terranova is a member of a large Italian family. He really wants to get married but most women only see his wealth. He puts an ad in the paper for a wife. After writing for some time he asks Carrie to come be his bride but when she arrives he is shocked to find that she has a six year old daughter she failed to mention. Not only is this a surprise but the girl is crippled from a bout with polio. Did she just come for his money? This is not what he bargained for but the little girl soon steals his heart and that of his family. Does Carrie have any other secrets that could destroy their relationship?

Carrie Sheenan is an accountant. She is widowed and left with a child. She must escape from her husband's corrupted family. She is desperate when she starts writing to Gino. When he asks her to come she jumps on the first train out of town. She mustn't him know about the family that is trying to force her to marry her husband's brother.

A journey of two desperate people; one seeks love and family while the other needs security. Secrets make it difficult to trust but their hearts are soon involved. They must find a way to become the family they both dreamed of.

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