Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Monday, January 4, 2016

Grace's Forgiveness by Molly Jebber

My review today is on the second book in the Keepsake Pocket Quilt Series, Grace's Forgiveness. I really enjoy Molly's work. I was thrilled when I received a copy in the mail. This book isn't available until February but you will want to pre-order it right away. This story is well written, heart warming, and humorous. I do enjoy anything Amish and I enjoy reading about how it was in the early 1900's. Her characters are full of faith, love, and a oneness of family and community.

Grace  Blauch is a spinster. She is a skilled quilter, shop owner, and midwife. Unfortunately she was born with disfiguring birthmark on her face. This birthmark caused people to turn away from her and refuse to look her in the eyes. Her father had tried several times to arrange marriages but every man refused. Brokenhearted she had given up hope for her future family. One day a handsome stranger walked into her store and changed her life.

Mark King lost his parents, his good friends, and his brother was shunned. He moves to Berlin to start over, he soon meets a beautiful young woman that makes his heart race. He hardly noticed the birthmark on her face, all he saw was beauty. She was everything he wanted in his fraa. His past follows him to Berlin and he now appears to have lost everything again.

A journey of two people who love one another but the past and Grace's father is bound to keep them apart. Trust in God is the only thing that will save their relationship. God has made a way. God has a plan for you too. Give him control and watch what He has planned for you. It will be far greater than anything you have planned. Look for this book in February, you'll love it.

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