Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Friday, February 13, 2015

The Engagement Bargain by Sherri Shackelford

My book review today is on the Love Inspired Historical, The Engagement Bargain. This is one of the Prairie Courtships Series. This is great book. I enjoyed it very much and I know you will too. Sherri writes a great western; they are well written, funny, and full of action. If you haven't read any of her books you need to get started right a way.

Anna Bishop is a suffragist. Her mother is a single woman, bitter, and forceful. Anna had little choice in her involvement in the movement but she has become a passionate speaker on the cause. As she is speaking in Kansas City she is shot by one of the crowd. A man in the audience steps up to protect her.

Caleb McCoy comes to Kansas City with his sister Jo. Her husband is unable to come with her and he intrusts Caleb with her care. Jo is a faithful follower of Anna's and is thrilled to hear her speak. After the gun shot Caleb carries her to safety an ends up stitching her up her wounds. She is put into Jo's room and her name is removed from the hotel's registry and replaced as Caleb's fiancee.

In order to protect Anna they take her home to Cimarron Springs. Unknown to Caleb and Anna the rumor of the engagement follows them. Anna comes under a different name but everyone in town knows exactly who she is, including the killers. A humorous story of finding love, forgiveness, and faith. I know you'll love following them in their journey.

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