Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Friday, February 27, 2015

A Pius Stand by Declan Finn

Well I'm sad to say this is the final book of The Pius Trilogy, A Pius Stand A global Thriller. I have loved this series and hope I can do it justice on my review. I loved the first two books but this one is awesome. I loved the Army of God, what I loved the most about it is the army contained ordinary people; not pure, holy, and righteous people but men and women who were real. I must tell my good Christian followers that there is some language issues but then it is a war and it was done appropriately. The Army of God goes against overwhelming odds knowing they would all die defending the Pope and the Christian faith. The really sad thing is that all of what was written could very easily happen right now. Although I think the UN would be going against Israel in stead of the Pope but then they want to rid the world of all of us.

We still have our main characters from the first two books. We only lost Giovanni Figlia in the group and James Ryan and as this book begins we are at their funerals. Their leader stunt man Sean Ryan who came to teach the priests and nuns to defend themselves but now is going after the man that killed his grandfather James Ryan, Secret Agent Villie Goldberg is pretty sure she has been fired by the President for staying to help the Pope, Matthew Kovach the author is still there and publicizing everything that was going on at the Vatican on social media and to his publisher, Interpol Agent Maureen McGrail a woman that is a lethal weapon on her own, Father Francis Williams former Special Forces soldier and his father Captain Wayne Williams Sr., Scott "Massad" Murphy a Boston Irish Catholic who was taken in the Mossad but Scott was an accountant who was sent to the Vatican, Manana Suushurin a Russian who had been blackmailed into going to Rome by her father but is now siding with the people she was sent to destroy, Veronica Fisher (Giovannie's widow) a forensic expert,  we have the Auxiliary Bishop Xavier O'Brien the Pope's right hand man, and of course we have Pope Pius XIII born Joshua Kotjok an African.

In this book we add some more interesting characters to help them in their quest: Jonathan Koenig a 6'10" mafia commando the FBI call the Masciale's Monster and he brings the mafia to Rome with him, Officer Tommy Nolan of the Boston Police and a huge portion of the police force that had been force to stand back and watch people try to loot the Catholic Church throughout the USA, we again see Deaglan Lunch of the IRA and his commandos moving through France trying to get to Rome but they have to intervene in churches along the way as France tries to destroy the Church and are imprisoning the priests and nuns into the concentration camps used during the war, then we have a friend of Sean's who is also a stunt man Galahad Wren known as Galadren, this man was buried alive in a faulty stunt and something broke within him and now he thinks he's an elf and speaks Tolkien also known as the Elven Assassin, Moira McShane a trained lethal weapon and the wife of Matthew and Matthew's uncle Michael Finn a CIA assassin. These are some of the main characters but there were many FBI, CIA, Polish Special Forces, Sayaret Metcal (the Israeli Special Forces) and US Special Forces that were on vacation involved behind the scenes.

These people stand against untold odds as armies from China, North Korea, and Sudan are sent to destroy the Vatican, loot the treasures, and kill the Pope. The battle is unbelievable and would make an awesome movie.

This is a must read! You will love it. You will see God intervene in the war and that is cool. I love it when God fights with us and He loves to do that when we fight in His name and do all we can, He will step in and save us.

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