Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Friday, March 15, 2013

Tested By Fire by Pat Patterson

My post today is a review of Test By Fire, He Sought Revenge - He Found Life, Medic-7 First Responders Novel, by Pat Patterson. I haven't red any of Pat's books before but I love the way he writes. I was so impressed with this story, so many authors and publishers think that miracles and healings are too controversial to put out there. The characters were very real and flawed as they moved in a world of violence, gangs, and bikers.

Sid Drake is a paramedic who recently accepted Jesus as his Lord and is now trying to share his love with others. In a revival tent he share his love for Jesus with a young gang member named Zee. Zee fearing for his life runs away from the new preacher. Sid goes looking for Zee but runs into the gang leader J-Rock. J-Rock beats Sid almost to death and then shoots him.

Jim Stockbridge is Sid's best friend and his partner. He doesn't share his friends new found religion, he copes with his life style with alcohol and drugs.When he answers the call to the Core, he finds Sid's broken body. Jim goes bezerk and almost kills two of the gang members and is ready to slit J-Rocks throat whe the police show up and threaten to arrest him.  Jim was wounded himself and was taken to the hospital where his girl friend Dr.Valerie Vick sews him back together.

In trouble with the police, his boss, and his girl friend, he heads home but stops at a bikers bar for a much needed drink. He is beaten by a gang of bikers and left out in the mud. When he comes to a man he had helped pulls him out of the mud and helps him. When he wakes again, he is in front of an empty building in only his boxers. Jonas has left him a paper sack with clothes and a note to come in and join him inside. It proves to be some kind of a church service where Jim has an encounter with God.

The rest of the book is Jim's struggle to deal with his changing life and a man that is set to kill him. He experiences miracles as he prays for people on his calls but can't understand why God heals some but not others. A struggle we all have to deal with I'm afraid. As I said I really loved this book, it was action packed and  very difficult to put down. You can find out more about this book at God bless you all.

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