Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Friday, March 1, 2013

Amish Short Stories

My review today is on three short stories I received from Amazon. I really enjoy Amish stories and these were good, fast, and easy reads. I know you will enjoy them.

The first one is An Amish Winter Surprise, Volume one, Delivery in Paradise by Faith Grace. Elmer Yoder is the surprise gift. He is left with Abraham to raise, unfortunately Abraham didn't want this gift but did raise him. To Lizzie, who grew up with him he was just plain mean. He beat her at everything. Then one day his mother stood before the church and confessed she was his mother, and repented. Lizzie was so touched by what happened she listened to one of her friends and decided to kiss the poor boy. She managed to make a total fool of her self. She was so embarrassed, but when her grandmother fell unconscious, Elmer was the one that she called. He told her what to do and then came to help her. Although it was quite short it was cute and I really enjoyed it.

The second book was Amish Winter Love, Volume one, A New Life, by Faith Grace. Marrissa Miller lost the love of her life. Now several years later her family was pushing her to get over grieving for him. Didn't they understand she still loved him? Levi Bender goes to work for her family as they attempt to match make. Levi dreams of making Marrissa his wife. This book was short and was a good story of finding a new life.

The last book was Amish Snowflakes: Volume one, Winter Letters, by Sicily Yoder, Rachael Zook writes love letters to Jeremiah Troyer, Rachael's new love, her first love was Elijah Yoder. Elijah had been shunned and had left the community, so now Jeremiah was courting her. Jeremiah and Rachael had a child out of wed lock and had given the child a way to a nurse. Jeremiah gives the letters to his mother who gives them to the bishop and Rachael is shunned. Rachael finds out that the baby is with Jeremiah's mother and has been all the time. Jeremiah confesses that the child wasn't really his. He and Elijah had gotten her drunk and he had left her with Elijah. Elijah finds out about the child and searches for her. We find out at the end there is three babies. It was a very good story, I'm sure you will like it.

I hope that you enjoyed this post I know it was different. God bless you all.

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