Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Fugitive by Shirlee McCoy

My book review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense Series, Heroes for Hire; Fugitive by Shirlee McCoy. I love Shirlee's books. She write great suspense books with beautiful love stories. This book is one of her best.

I loved Logan Randal. This is a man who has been abused as a young child and teen but through it all he cared for the young daughter of the people who were abusing him and her. He helped her escape her abusive family and later manages to bring them to justice. Now a deputy sheriff he has been framed, arrested, and tried for a crime he was framed for. He is on his way to prison when the vehicle is ran off the road, one of the deputies are killed, and one is seriously wounded. Logan is wounded and runs for his life. It was snowing heavily but he sees a light and he heads for it. He pounds on the door and asks for help.

Laney Jefferson has survived her past and made a new life for herself. You have to appreciate anyone that can come back from the abuse she endured. Her husband has recently died and left her a cabin in the woods and her father has recently died and left her the farm. Now she is on a journey to deal with the properties so she can again start over. She is terrified when a wounded, handcuffed felon knocks on her door. When she recognizes Logan she sets out to free him and help any way she can. She owes this man her life.

These two damaged people set out to find who is framing Logan and why. It is an intriguing story and full of action.  It is difficult to understand people who abuse others. Why humans can literally destroy their own children. God didn't make people especially women to be that way. Women were made to protect their families even unto death and yet satan has turned them into women with unnatural affections(just as the Bible said they would be) You need to run out and get a copy of this book. I know you will love it. God bless you all.

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