Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Friday, May 1, 2015

First Kisses---Lovebirds at the Heartbreak Cafe by Janet Tronstad

My book review today is still on the novella, First Kisses. Lovebirds at the Heartbreak Cafe is the second book in this novella. Janet does such a great job on these Montana stories. I love the Dry Creek series but this one is a small town close to Dry Creek but much like it. I live in a town of four thousand which is to some people a small town but I lived in a town of less than a hundred for several years when my children were little. We had dirt roads and outhouses so I love these stories. I only wish a man would have stopped in and found me.

Buddy Hamilton is a truck driver. He stops at the little Heartbreak Cafe whenever he takes this route but today a young pretty girl comes in, hands the owner a resume, and asks for a job. She is really upset when the owner turns her down. Buddy watches with interest but notices movement from the old car outside. As he tries to figure out a way to ask her out he watches as one kid after another pile out of the car. Maybe a date isn't a good idea.

Penny Rose is desperate. Her sister died and her brother-in-law was dying, so Penny married him so she could care for their six kids but the owner of the land they rented refused to help her unless she would compromise her virtue. She had to find a job. When she goes to the cafe she ends up sharing more than she had planned but these men stand up and help her.

A woman in trouble, the truckers and the small town step up to help this little family. This story will touch your heart. It's amazing how the people take them in and just love them and in doing so helped themselves. I loved this story and you will too it is well written and the characters are great. Thinking of others and helping them is the best way to find health, peace and joy for yourself. God is good and He made it that way. 

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