Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Monday, May 25, 2015

Backfire by Elizabeth Goddard

 My book review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense, Backfire, the third book in the Mountain Cove Series. This book is an advance reader copy and I'm blessed to get the chance to read and review her work before it comes out. I love Elizabeth's work and this one is no exception. I have enjoyed the Mountain Cove adventures and hope their will be more of them. This book is well written, full of adventure and impossible to put down. I loved the characters and appreciated the fact that several of the characters from the first two books are in this book. Faith is a vital part of Elizabeth's work and I so respect that about her.

Tracy Murray and her dog Solomon are volunteers in the North Face Mountain Rescue in Mountain Cove. She has been a team member for a couple of years. Today they weren't on a rescue mission but were out running and enjoying the summer day. Her dog took off suddenly and alerted her to a problem. When she found her dog he was laying on a ledge just over the cliff beside the runner that had left before her. Her fellow rescue team member who had just ran by her heard her dog and showed up at her side in a few minutes. She called for help as he went down the cliff. Tracy followed after getting help on the way. What she learned from the man who had fallen brought terror to her heart. Her past had caught up with her.

Widowed Fireman David Warren had kept his distance from Tracy. she had been the first woman he had noticed since his wife died in a deadly fire. He knew her death was his fault and he didn't have the right to be happy ever again. He heard Solomon alert his master and turned around from his run to help
Tracy. What he found brought his protective instinct to the forefront. The man had been pushed over the cliff and he had left Tracy up there by herself.

This is a journey to two broken people; both had loved deeply, and the person they loved had died, each felt it was their fault, and now was struggling to survive. She couldn't bare to lose another person because of her, he couldn't bare to fail another woman he loved but God has a plan. You'll love this book.

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