Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Friday, May 15, 2015

Heart of Gold by Lacy Williams

My book review today is on the story Heart of Gold. I love Lacy's westerns they are such great stories. Her work is always well written, heartwarming, and full of faith in God. Her work is such a blessing to everyone who reads them. I do appreciate her work.

Opal Bright returns home after spending most of her life in Omaha with her aunt. Her father sent her away as a child to become a lady as her mother had been but Opal didn't want any part of society. Every dime she can get her hands on goes to help an orphanage and the abandoned children she identifies with. Her father sends for her but Opal came home to get money. Her first words to her fathers foreman is "I'm here for the gold." The foreman drags her off the platform as men turned to look at her.

Charlie Welch is foreman for Opals father. The man had practically raised him. He would do anything for him. Now the boss had sent for his daughter to come home but all she wants is money just like his ex-fiancee who left him for his brother. He drags her to a restaurant to try to talk to her but it doesn't go well although he does convince her to go to the ranch and speak to her father. As they return to the ranch they are attacked by three men who were after the gold she had asked for. So starts the adventure.

This is a great story about two broken people finding a life together during the struggle of trying to survive. 

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