Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

First Kisses

My review today is on a novella, First Kisses. The first story is The Ramble's Bride by Linda Goodnight. I really enjoyed this story. I think Linda is a great story teller, especially westerns. This story is well written and will touch your heart. Faith is very much a part of this story, I love that.

Jericho North (don't you love that name?) comes to the ranch of his deceased brother with the will and the deed to the ranch. He has every intention of throwing the harlot his brother married out and taking over the ranch. He's not sure how she manipulated his brother to marry her but he would make fast work of getting rid of her. Imagine his shock when he arrives and find a beautiful woman fighting with a man on the doorstep. After he stops the abuse of the man, she says "You're here" and throws herself in his arms and kisses him. What can a man do but kiss back? Then he finds she has a child, this changes everything.

Esther North came out west to live with her cousin after her family had died in an epidemic but soon realized her mistake when she met her cousin's husband. After only a week he forced her to work in his saloon cleaning and cooking for the girls upstairs. Theo told her she had to earn her keep. She married Silas North out of desperation and to help him. Silas was a man destroyed by an accident and lost in a bottle but they helped each other. In a final act of honor Silas pushed her out of the way when a wall of the barn they were building fell. Esther was pregnant and he had saved her life but now a widow her cousin was trying to force her to sell her ranch.

A great story of desperation, forgiveness, and restoration. I know you will love this story. See how God can intervene and change everything. He always has a plan.

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