Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Jessie's Bride by Susette Williams

My review today is on a short story Jessie's Bride.  This is an eBook that I purchased. I always enjoy Susette's books and I love mail-order bride stories so this was a no-brainer. This story is well written, humorous, and will touch your heart. You will love her characters and the faith they live by.(well not all of them)

Jessie Kincaid is the youngest of four boys. His family treats him as if he was still a small child. He sees little hope for the future the way things are so he starts writing to a mail-order bride. He falls in love with the girl he was writing to and finally sent her a train ticket to come to him but he didn't share this with his family. When she arrived he would figure out how to tell them.

Sarah Engle was forced by her father to put an ad in the paper. Her father planned on her marrying a rich man that would care for him and her brother so that they wouldn't have to work. Sarah fell in love with Jessie's letters but her father was furious when he found the ticket. He said she had to write to him  and tell him she couldn't come and cash in the ticket. Sarah told her father she would write the letter, cash in the ticket when she was in town tomorrow, she needed to work at the restaurant, and then spend the night with Maybel.

Sarah shows up at the train station and they were married right away. They spend some time at the inn for a honeymoon which was interrupted by his brother the sheriff. Her father was at the ranch when they came home. So starts the journey of two people in love but under attack from their family. God has a plan and of course everything turns out the way He planned. A cute book.

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