Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
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Monday, January 5, 2015

Mail-Order Christmas Bride by Jillian Hart and Jane Tronstad

My book review today is on the Christmas Novella Set, Mail-Order Christmas Brides. I love stories about mail-order brides. How desperate would a woman have to be to be willing to give herself away to someone she hadn't met? I married a man I didn't love. I really didn't have a choice but thought I could make it work. It might have worked if Eddie hadn't had to go to Vietnam. It was a terrible, abusive marriage but I did receive three wonderful children from the marriage. So it fascinates me to think of woman choosing to do it. I was talking to my daughter and she pointed out that it really wouldn't be any different than the women who agree to marry men from the internet they have never met. I hadn't really thought of it that way. Enough of my personal thoughts.

This book set was awesome. Usually when I review a novella I take each story and review it but there are so many in this set that I'm not going to do that. These two women are two of my favorite Christian fiction authors. I love all the Dry Creek series and we visit Dry Creek when it was just beginning and I fell in love with Angel Falls. There are three books; Mail-Order Mistletoe Brides, Mail-Order Holiday Brides, and Mail-Order Christmas Brides. Each book has two mail-order brides traveling on a train to meet their grooms. Jillian takes the first girl and tells her story and then Janet takes the next one, they keep the two stories connected.

Mail-Order Mistletoe Brides--Christmas Hearts; A little girl begs her father for a mother, the widow has a son that needs a father. He has always wanted a son can they make a home when there can be no love between them? Mistletoe Kiss in Dry Creek; a pregnant widow and her young daughter come to Dry Creek, his men sent out an ad for a wife because they wanted someone to cook for them. Noah accepted it because he thought she'd be old, what was he suppose to do with this beauty, especially after her first breakfast is inedible?

Mail-Order Holiday Brides--Home For Christmas; Destitute Christina is on her way to meet her new husband when she is attacked at one of the stops and her reticule stolen by a young boy. Her arm is injured but a Marshall helps her but is unable to catch the boy. The Marshall helps her as they continue on. The man she promised to marry pales greatly when compared with the handsome Marshall but she  is determined to marry Tom and be a good wife. Tom is angry about the broken arm, he puts her in the basement of the boarding house, doesn't arrange to feed her, and then get upset because the Marshall helps her. When a boy a boy is hurt, she finds out Tom's true colors. Snowflakes for Dry Creek; Annabelle comes with high expectations, she's to mother two young children and was promised love and a grand ranch, but on arrival she is met by her groom's brother and the kids. Adam is no where to be found. How can Gage explain that his brother changed his mind?

Mail-Order Christmas Brides--Her Christmas Family; Tate is a broken man but his daughter wants a mother. He agrees to a mail-order marriage but doesn't expect the beauty that is waiting for them at the station. How could he marry her when she could do so much better? His life is over. Felicity has never known the love of a family and hopes this is the answer she has prayed for. Christmas Stars for Dry Creek; Eleanor came to Montana but was met by her grooms neighbors. Left for days alone without the comforts of heat or decent food, her groom finally shows up with his daughter and his mother. The mother is horrified when she meets Eleanor but Adam is intrigued by the beautiful feisty redhead.

You will love these books. I hated to see them end.

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