Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A Pius Legacy by Declan Finn

A couple of years ago I wrote a review on A Pius Man, I loved the book and now the author asked me to read the second book. I was thrilled. So today is the review on A Pius Legacy, it's a Political Thriller and not the kind of book I normally read but I enjoyed every minute of it. It is well written, action packed, and quite humorous. There is some questionable language, nothing offensive but normal speech for the circumstances. Oh Heck would be ridiculous. I highly recommend this book.

An author Matthew Kovach is in Rome to research a book on the Pope Pius XII also known as the "Hitler's Pope"  and his work during World War II. Matthew is attacked and so starts the new saga. The Vatican is under attack, the Pope has been kidnapped, and is now on trial by the UN for Human Rights Violations by the Roman Catholic Church.

The same task force from the first book are the only ones who will be able to save the Pope and all the treasures in Vatican City. The head of the Vatican Office of Vigilance Giovanni Figlia and his wife Veronica, a forensic expert, are a part of this task force; then we have a 4'10" American Secret Service Agent Wilhelmina, Villie, Goldberg (also Jewish), Manana Shushurin, a trained Russian killer, blackmailed by her father to attack the Vatican but is now working for the task force, Sean Ryan, a stunt man who was hired to teach the priest self defense and is a weapons expert, Scott Murphy,  a member of the "Mossad", (although he's not Jewish but of the Goyim division) Maureen McGrail of Interpol, a lethal weapon, Father Frank  and his father Capt.Wayne Williams Sr. US Army. This team take on a French Paratrooper attack and the rescue of the Pope from the Russian Ioseph Mikhailov (Manana's father) This team is a group of faith filled warriors much like the Marvel Avengers. You go from one action packed adventure to the next. It is full of interesting facts but there is a great deal of violence. It is a book you can not put down.

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