Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Deadly Holiday Reunion by Lenora Worth

My book review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense book, Deadly Holiday Reunion. I love Lenora's books, she does awesome suspense and intrigues. This story is a wonderful example of her work. I especially love the way she weaves her faith in and out of the story like a tapestry. This book is a little on the dark side, it's dealing with a serious problem and she handles it well.

Texas Ranger Jake Cavanaugh is a widower desperate to find his young daughter. She has been kidnapped by a serial killer that Jake had dealt with years ago but thought was dead. Unable to handle the case on his own but determined not to call in all the law enforcement in the area he goes to the love of his life.

Former FBI Agent Ella Terrell had loved Jake her whole life but he refused to allow her to be an FBI agent, he wanted to protect her so she broke off the relationship and he married another. Five years ago they had been brought together by a serial killer that kidnapped her and held her hostage. Jake had found her and helped her back on her feet but Ella was so traumatized they went their separate ways. Now she live a quiet life with her grandparents next to the woods the killer had taken her to.

When Jake comes to her begging for help she can't turn him away. She must face her fears and the horror of her abduction in order to find the man who she had believed she had killed all those years ago. A story of traumatic pain, mental illness, and restoration. Some times it's hard to understand how God can allow bad thing happen to good people but then we live and an evil world and satan convinces people to do horrific things. God isn't in control, Adam gave that control to satan. Unless we give God the power to work in our lives there is nothing He can do. Prayer is so important in our fallen world. This book is excellent and you will want to get a copy. You can purchase it at the address below.

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