Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Monday, November 24, 2014

Danger in the Manger by Rachelle McCalla

My book review today is on the second book in the Love Inspired Suspense Novella, Twin Threat Christmas, Danger in the Manger, don't you love that name? These two books are dealing with an important issue that we are now dealing with in the United States, human trafficking. A horrible problem that should make parents turn to God to protect our children from these monsters. Don't let your children leave without praying for their protection. Rachelle does a great job on this subject, you need to read this story.

The first book was about Vanessa Jackson and her mysterious disappearance eight years ago, this story is about her twin sister Alyssa Jackson. Alyssa never understood why her sister would just disappear but she never gave up hope she was still alive although she was forced to declare her sister dead to deal with her grandfathers estate. Alyssa hears a car pull up but has learned that she sells more statues when she lets people look around her yard, but when she leaves her workshop no one is there. She is shocked to find a baby lying in the manger of her nativity. The T-shirt on the baby says if they do a DNA test on the baby they would find Alyssa to be the mother. The police officer that was with her when she read the shirt didn't believe the baby could be hers. She didn't know the first thing about babies.

Chris Jensen is investigating a drug ring and he's sure Alyssa is involved. Drugs had been found in some of her concrete statuary. He made a hourly driveby of her property so was close when she found the baby. It was obviously Vanessa's child and Chris felt bad about not being able to find the girl eight years ago. Chris stays and helps Alyssa care for the baby but after he leaves she takes the sleeping baby out to the workshop so she can finish the concrete she was unable to pour. Alyssa finishes her work but the baby begins to fuss so she rocks him and falls asleep.

Alyssa wakes to find a couple of men stuffing something in her still wet lamb molds. She calls Chris for help and the two of them investigate who was smuggling drugs in her work. They find her sister and return the baby to his mom but find themselves in serious trouble. Are the human traffickers the ones who are the drug smugglers or have they got more than one group out to kill them? A great journey that draws the two together but before they can have a life together they have to put an end to this evil.

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