Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Monday, October 20, 2014

Out of the Shadows

Today, instead of writing a book review I'm going to talk to you about my own book, Out of the Shadows. This is the first book I wrote and is very dear to my heart. This book contains a great deal of my own personal testimony. When I look back to the events that took place over forty years ago it seems more like a movie I once saw. God has done such a total healing of my heart.

I was talking to my grand daughter the other day and I told her that when I first got a divorce all I could remember was the bad times; every hurt, the pain, the isolation, and total destruction of my soul. Years later when I was saved and Spirit filled, I was able to forgive my husband. God then began to give back the good memories. No matter how devastating the relationship is there was once good, happy times. My grand daughter is going through a divorce and I hope my experiences help her to heal.

Glori Rhoades married the wrong man and was in the process of getting a divorce but her husband was refusing to acknowledge it. Dragging Glori to a party, he leaves her alone, and then throws a fit when his best friend talks to her. Jake takes her back to the apartment and beats her in an attempt to kill her. His fellow police officers stops the attack and sends for help. Jake escapes the police and sets out to finish the job he had started. If he can't have Glori then no one else would.

Michael had once been in love with Glori until his best friend moved in and took over after a misunderstanding. Michael has tried to stay a way from Glori and forget how he felt about her. He wanted to remain a friend of Jake's but now he fears for Glori's life. He will do everything in his power to keep her safe.

God gave me this story and as it parallels with my story it is a healing bomb to the horrors I lived with. I want everyone to know that there is life after an abusive relationship. When you are going through the abuse you feel you are the only one that has to live like that, (especially forty years ago when no one talked about the problem) that there is no hope, no way out but there is hope now. Jesus is there to save you physically as well as spiritually all you have to do is ask. Not only will He heal your broken body but He has a plan for you, a wondrous plan, that you couldn't even imagine. Know that God has thousands of men and women of God who are out there working to save the victims of abuse. God loves you and will heal your broken hearts.

You can purchase a copy of this book on Amazon, Lulu, and other places where books are sold. It's just been revised, I have to apologize, the first time a friend of mine published it and I didn't  explain that I wanted it in single spaced and so it was double spaced and there were a lot of spaces between chapters. I think it's much better now. I hope you will check it out and let me know how you enjoy the book. God bless you all and have a good week.

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