Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Married by Christmas by Karen Kirst

My book review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense book, Married by Christmas. This book is the next book in the Smokey Mountain Matches Series. I have loved this series and this book was one of my favorites. I liked that for Christmas she brought many of the characters from past books back to visit. It's always cool to find about those characters and how they are doing. I love the way Karen writes.

Rebecca Thurston is a broken, bitter woman. Years ago she had been part of a threesome, they had been best friends, but then Rebecca became engaged to Adam, one of those men. Adam and Caleb had been inseparable and in a freak accident Adam and Caleb are injured. Adam is unable to walk again and breaks off the engagement and left town. Rebecca blamed Caleb for ruining her life. Now her parents were gone and Rebecca and her little sister were struggling to survive. During a bad snow storm Rebecca's dog alerts her and takes her to a wounded man. The badly wounded man turned out to be Caleb. She took him home and nursed him. She spent several days alone with him trying to save his life but the town gossips declare she must marry the man.

Badly scared Caleb has spent years in solitary existence because of the guilt he feels for what happened that night. He has always watched over Becca from the side lines, bringing meat and supplies in the night when no one will know and asking his brother to check on them. Now he has witnessed a murder of a good friend. Wounded, his horse brings him to the place he remembers well. When Caleb wakes he finds Rebecca nursing him, Fear floods his heart for her and her sister, this outlaw band would surely find him and hurt the girls. When he is on the mend and he hears the town is demanding their marriage he promises Rebecca he will leave as soon as he's able and will live up in the mountains like he had been. She wouldn't have to see him. They then marry a marriage on paper only.

As Christmas comes closer the gang finds Rebecca but doesn't realize she is his wife. Scared beyond words she agrees to move into Caleb's cabin. Now she has his family to deal with on top of a gang of killers. A great journey of forgiveness, restoration, and love. God has a plan even when we sometimes move out of His will. He will restore us to the original plan. You'll love this book, you can get a copy at the address below.

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