Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Friday, May 24, 2013

The Next Step in My Saga

Today I want to vent, is that okay? I have recently told you that I am in the process of moving. Things were getting really hard for me to handle with the large household I was trying to care for. I put in my application for an apartment but I didn't hear from Shannon for quite awhile. I knew I was on a waiting list but it's a small town and I knew a couple had opened up. We finally got everything set up, she showed me the apartment I would be moving into and I was excited, apartment number seven. I should be able to move in by the twentieth.

The twentieth came and went, I finally got a hold of Shannon. The apartment that they had showed me wasn't ready yet but they did have one available, number 29. It was off by it's self and had all new carpets, linoleum, stove, refrigerator, and had just been painted. The lady who was a head of me didn't qualify. (they are Hud homes for low income) I could move in right away. I went to see it and loved it. She called me back, there was a problem with my final application. I was still on the lease for my daughter's home and it also is a Hud house. I can't be on two leases.

I drove down to Broken Bow Housing Authority to take my name off the lease. Jenny told me that to take my name off the lease they would have to fill out a new lease. The only problem was that Dawn, the director, was out of town and they were being audited next week so it would probably be the first before she could get to it.

Shannon was upset they wanted the unit filled as soon as possible. I went to prayer and had them pray about it. God can make a way where there seems to be no way, right? That was Wednesday. Today I got a call from Dawn. She was upset that I was not moving into one of her apartment but any way she took me off the list. I was so excited. I went to the bank and took the money out of my savings so I would have it for Shannon. I went to see her and told her everything was set.

Now the next step in my frustration. Shannon told me that the lady that does the leases in the office is in a training session and probably won't be able to get to it until some time next week. We had the whole weekend off and my family here to move me. Praise God, He knows what I need before I ask and He is in charge of my life. Maybe there is a reason I'm not suppose to move in yet. I will praise Him anyway. I hope you have a blesses and prosperous holiday weekend.

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  1. Praise God because He will get you the place you need.