Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Highland Sanctuary by Jennifer Hudson Taylor

My review today is on the book Highland Sanctuary, a historical novel. I had never read any of Jennifer''s books but I have enjoyed this one. The story starts in the year1457. A girl child is born, a disappointment to her father but as he gazes upon her she has a seizure. The father is convinced the child is demon possessed and orders her destroyed.

Twenty years later Serena Boyd has fallen out of a cart and is injured. Gavin MacKenzie and his brother Lieth come to the aid of a mother and daughter. Serena has struck her head and Gavin takes her home. They live in a village of outcasts, their home a hovel with dirt floors but Gavin is taken with this young girl.

Gavin is the eldest son of a chieftain, Leith the younger son, they have come to the Braigh Castle to do a repair job on the castle and to find out who killed the former laird of the castle. Leith needs to prove himself as the leader of his men since his brother will become the next chieftain.

Serena keeps the castle running smooth and is a woman her laird would marry if she would consent. She fears her secret will get out and that she will be burned at the stake.

Gavin takes her to the near by village where she has a seizure. The woman selling herbs declares her demon possessed and the village comes after them. Gavin does everything in his power to protect her but things are taken out of his hands.

Serena's father is the man that the church call to remove the demon. It is an intriguing story and I'm sure you will enjoy it. You may find it on Amazon. God bless you all.

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