Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Friday, January 25, 2013

Praise God Forever

Okay today I'm not doing a book review but I am going to share about my week. Sunday God prompted me to share how He has blessed me this last year.  I went to Panama, a trip that cost me around three thousand dollars, plus air fare, plus spending money(which takes a lot) I gave my tithes, I was able to give an offering to everyone that came and ministered at our church,(which I wasn't able to do the year before) I gave twenty dollars a month to three TV ministries, and was still able to buy good Christmas presents for the family. Last week I received a statement from my Social Security saying I had made $7,512 for the entire year of 2012. Isn't that a Praise God? How was I able to do that? I have no idea how I did it except that it was God grace. So Sunday I testified, several people thanked me for sharing. It was a blessing to me but it was a blessing to others in my church.

Monday, everything started to fall a part. My dishwasher broke. My granddaughter came in from the kitchen(first thing in the morning) saying "Houston we have a problem," water was running from the bottom and had filled the kitchen. Scott took it a part and we drove all over town looking for parts but it can't be fixed. We looked for a new one but we couldn't find one under six hundred.

I had just been thanking God that morning because I was finally winning the battle with the housework.(we have six adults, a toddler, and three dogs living in a very small house) I wasn't having to work quite as hard. I broke my favorite coffee cup, (not a big deal to some but it was to me) and then the internet went down. I had paid the utility bill for Scott and he promised to give me the money when they got paid. So I was late on paying my internet bill, I had received a disconnect notice for 1-31-13 but this was 1-21-13 anyway they shut it off. I went on line using the neighbors internet and paid it. It overdrafted my account $12 and still they didn't turn it back on. My grandson had to call and they did turn it on but are going to charge me a $20 fee.
Tuesday Scott came out and talked all the way through my prayer time. Sometime later the dryer went down. Scott and Jeremy took it apart and were able to fix it, Praise God, but it took the whole day. It is in the kitchen so now I'm behind in dishes and laundry. Wednesday I went to prayer and they helped me pray against the attacks. I am getting my house back in shape but today is my granddaughter's birthday, she has invited a bunch of girls to come tonight for a slumber party. Oh well, Praise God anyway.

I just want to thank God for seeing me through the attack but I will tell you one thing. No matter what the devil does, I will still Praise God Forever. Just like Job, when he said "even if he slay me I will Praise the Lord," He is so good! This year is my year of abundance, God has promised me and I will not doubt. God is good and His mercy endures forever! I am so blessed, I pray blessings upon you, see you next week.


  1. I remember when I was on the Official Board of a former church. I testified to the fact that I was able to tithe my household grocery money;it wasn't much.For about a month after that, I struggled to keep doing that. Someone didn't want me to do that. I stuck my heals in and stayed true to my promise.God won. The enemy lost.

    1. He is going to be sorry he messed with me, he just made me mad. I testified again in church yesterday and will continue until he gives up. Thanks for reading my work. God bless you.