Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Key Witness by Christy Barritt

Hello my friends, my book review today in on Key Witness, the first book in The Security Experts Series by Love Inspired Suspense. The book is written by Christy Barritt, one of my favorites. Her books are always fast moving and full of action. Christy always manages to put her faith into her stories in an intriguing way. I really enjoy her work.

Elle Philips is the daughter of a US Senator. She goes to her bank and is a witness to a robbery and a murder. The robber drops his cell phone in a plant and she is able to get it and call for help. As the robber runs out the door, he signals Elle she's dead by cutting his hand across his neck.

Mark Denton is a former Navy Seal who now works as a security contractor. He sees this beautiful woman each week and flirts with her a little but today there is a robbery and a woman is killed. They both witness the crime and are taken to police headquarters. The senator hires Denton to protect his daughter.

Elle and Mark investigate the threats, bombings and murders trying to find out what is going on. Is her father involved? Ella is dealing with a broken engagement while Mark is coping with the death of his wife. Both of them struggle with the attraction  developing between them. Can they keep each other safe?

It was a great story ND I look forward to the next episode. I know you will enjoy it. It was very well written. You may find out more about Christy's books at

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