Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Monday, December 31, 2012

Thank You Father for 20012

My blog today is a thank you letter to God my Heavenly Father.

I just want to praise You Father and give you glory, honor and praises. This year has been the best year of my life. I have come so far in You Father, I'm not satisfied yet but I'm so much closer to You than I ever thought possible. You have truly become a father that I can crawl up on Your lap and cry my heart out to. You hold me in the palm of your hand and make the crooked places straight. You lift me up when I am ill or under attack. You show me how to be a better woman of God. I can't use words to describe how much I truly love you. Words are totally inadequate.

Last January we were barely holding on and this the last day of the year we are blessed beyond measure. How awesome are you Father! We are totally victorious! Glory to You Lord! What wonders have You in store for me and my family for this coming year? How will You use me to Your glory? I come into this new year so excited I can hardly wait. I feel like I might burst from the wait.

Panama was truly one of the main highlights of this last year. A thousand people we saved, people were healed, and lives touched supernaturally that will never be the same. How awesome were You Lord! Now as we prepare for Peru we claim five hundred children for the mission team and five thousand souls won over to Jesus. We claim lives touched in supernatural ways, severed arms and legs to grow back, demons cast out of people, and even the dead raised to life. Nothing is to difficult for You Father. I promise to give you all the glory and "write, for these words are true and faithful." Revelations 21:5, that all may know of Your glory.

I will continue to write books for your glory, even if no one wants to read them for it is what You commanded me to do. I will continue to seek publication of our books(for I know the stories are from You)
I will serve you more in this coming year.

Wednesday will start my fast and I will seek Your face for the plan You have for the coming year. I will be obedient to all that You tell me to do for I love you with all my heart. My sole desire is to please You. I know that You will show me exactly how you want me to do that.

Thank you Father for all of my followers on my blog may I truly touch their hearts in the coming year and I pray that You pour out blessings on each and everyone of them. Touch the lives of each person who accidentally land on my blog or finds my author's page on facebook. Let me always be a blessing to those who read my work.

All Honor, All Glory be the King of Kings, the Lord of Glory, the Heavenly Father, the Great IAM. I love you so much and only want to thank You for being who You are and for loving me. Thank You for choosing me, for adopting me, and claiming I am Your own. Glory! Glory! Glory!

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