Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Monday, December 17, 2012

Acts of Honor by Vicki Hinze

My book review today is on Acts of Honor. I ordered this from Amazon and didn't realize it wasn't a Christian Suspense. There was a lot of language that is not normally in the books I read but it wasn't obsessive and it was necessary in story. Men in a mental hospital that had been tortured wouldn't use Christianeze. I love Vicki's books and this wasn't the one to disappoint me.

Dr. Sara West has specialized in working with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. She now has an eighty-percent success rate. Her methods are very unorthodox but she gets results. Her brother-in-law, David Quade committed suicide five years ago, now Sara struggled to help her sister and her niece learn to live again. Sara hates the military for what happened to David and her family, she had spent the last five years trying to get answers form Colonel Jack Foster, now he comes to her and wants help. He has an officer that has had his brain scrambled. Foster wants her to find out if this Shadow Watcher is salvageable. She will be given five patients and she will need to find his man and report back to Foster. She tries to send Foster packing but his promise that she will find the answers to David's death leads her to accept the challenge. She goes under cover to a military mental facility that doesn't exist. To treat people that no longer exist. If she fails she too cease to exist.

Major Jarrod  Brandt wakes to find himself in isolation, wearing a straight jacket, and not knowing who he is. He remembers an electric chair, a red haze, and episodic rage nothing more. Sara meets with him but triggers and episode of rage and he almost kills her.

Sara meets her patients and gives them each a name as the hospital only has them identified by numbers. (I love the fact that when she meets the patient she named Joe, she immediately knows he is "The One") She recognizes that Joe is her Shadow Watcher. Now she has to help this man even though he tries to kill her at their first meeting.

This is an excellent military thriller. I come from a military family and I found the story very plausible but quite heart stopping. I would hate to think of things like this happening to my son, who was in the Special Forces.
I really liked this book and will read the rest of this series. 

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