Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Friday, December 28, 2012

A Simple Amish Christmas by Vannetta Chapman

My book review today is A Simple Amish Christmas. I really enjoyed this book. I love the Amish books, a simpler way of life. (in some ways anyway) This one was no different, it was very well written, and kept my attention. I hadn't read any of Vannetta's books but I will enjoy reading more.

Annie Weaver left the Amish world to live with her aunt, she didn't fit in with the rest of her people. While living with her aunt she received her GED and went on to receive a nursing degree. She became a nurse caring for very ill children. Annie is called home to Miffin County, to care for her father who has had a bad accident. How can she explain to her family about her training?

Samuel Yoder is a hard working farmer, he is also the only health care provider in the Amish world he lives in. He was widowed many years earlier, a lonely man he has taken on the responsibility of his people to the point that he felt much older than his twenty-nine years. He has little hope of ever having a family of his own.

Annie's return brought Samuel and Annie together in the care of her father. Annie soon earned Samuel's respect with her nursing skill and he started taking her on calls with him. Annie was very attracted to the handsome, gentle man. Samuel had many issues to deal with but began to care deeply for this young girl.

A story of forgiveness, trust, and finding where you fit into God's plans. I know it will inspire you. It's a great read, even though Christmas is over. I hope you will go out and get a copy, you can find it at

I hope you all had a great Christmas. We had our family celebration on Saturday night. My grandson had to return to his dad's on Sunday, but Saturday was great. We were to have Christmas dinner at Scott's (my son-in-law) mother's home in Sargent. She was brought to the hospital Monday night and is still there today. I was having some problems and was kind of relieved not to go out in the cold weather. I became very ill and we ended up not having a Christmas dinner but just had some snacks. I went to the doctor on Wednesday and was told I had a serious case of Bronchitis, ear infection, and a cracked rib. Merry Christmas! God is good and I am improving daily. God bless you all. I'll talk to you on Monday.


  1. Thank you so much for the review, Glenda. I'm glad you enjoyed Annie's story. Blessings and happy new year.


  2. Thanks for stopping by. Happy New Year to you and your household. God bless you all.