Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Monday, April 2, 2012

Human Trafficking

My last book is on human trafficking. I sent it into a contest last fall. I had numerous mistakes on it.(since I am self taught and have much to learn) All of the judges talked about how scary the subject is. Today on the 700 Club they went into the subject. They are trying to make people aware of the tragedy that is consuming our country. There are an estimated twenty-seven million kids that are victims in the world today. Only one out of a hundred thousand of these traffickers will be prosecuted.

It is no longer a shocking situation that is taking place in foreign countries but it has come to the United States in  an epidemic that is beyond belief. It is a seven billion dollar industry in the US right now. It is second only to the drug industry. Over three hundred thousand boys and girls are taken into sex trafficking each year. The average age for the boys is nine to thirteen, the average for girls is ten to fourteen. These are just babies and these traffickers are in our backyard. They have found that small town Mid-America is easy picking.

My book is my effort to try to make people more aware of this horrendous practice. There are several ministries that are trying to reach these kids and give them a way out. Most of these kids see no way out and know they will not be accepted by their families and peers. I have little money to help in this process but I hope my book will help. When I cried out to God about the horror these kids faced, I felt He told me to right about it. I am now in the process of rewriting it and hopefully I can get it out there.

We need to step up and help theses children.

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