Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
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Monday, July 24, 2017

Mail Order Bride: Indian Bride Forever by Leah Laurens

My review today is on A Western Romance Story, Mail Order Bride: Indian Bride Forever. This is the first book of Leah's that I have read but I enjoyed it very much. My followers all know I love mail order bride or wedding of convenience stories. This one is really different and I did like that. The book is well written, heart rending, and full of adventure. I know you are going to love it.
This story is in three parts. It is about an Indian prophesy for the Tonkawa Tribe. The prophesy states that three different women would come to them, one with hair like the moon, one with dark hair and one with hair like fire, they would have the mark of the moon.
The first part is with Auil, Katherine Banks, a white captive of the criminal Karankawa tribe sold by her mother to one of the braves. She is pregnant with her husband's child. The warrior had been cruel to his wife and had told her she must have a male child. When she gave birth the child is a girl; she find out that her husband has died in a raid but the tribe is debating over whether to kill the girl child or bury the child with her father so she can go with him into the next world. Auil must run. The other white woman in the tribe, Cali-Cle helps her escape. She hides in a sacred cave, she finds a paper with a mail order bride ad. She applies to it but just before they are to meet Trader Joshua Hamilton finds her in the cave. She wasn't what he expects but he takes her home to marry as he has a two year old son to raise. He is warned by a friend that her tribe was looking for her. He takes her to the Tonkawa Tribe to marry. The women bathe her and finds the moon mark on her back, she is one from the prophesy and they will protect them.
The second part is about a white woman born in the sacred cave. she is found by an Indian woman and taken home to raise. Also and Indian boy child is also born in this sacred cave the same year. This child was found by a white man and taken home to raise as a ranch hand. Cali-Cle sees Auil marriage and decides to apply to a mail order ad. She answers John Tipton; she is looking for a respectable white man to get revenge on the parents that abandon her; he is looking for a respectable white woman to help him fit in. She tries to help another white captive and is captured and punished. John and his friend Noxul rescue both Cali-Cle and the white captive. They take them to the cave and Noxul see the moon mark on Cali-Cle hip, she is one of the prophesy. The four split up and John takes her home to marry.
The third part is about a badly abused woman, Annie Langley trying to escape her deceased husband's brother. She is heavy with child and has no choice but to answer a mail order bride ad. The groom gambles the contract away and Noxul wins her. He seeks the woman to help her. When Cali-Cle tells of Annie's capture he is determined to save her. He asks John to help him. They rescue both the women and takes them to the sacred cave but Annie but she goes into labor before Nozul can help her escape the cave. He delivers the boy child and then takes her to his tribe but before they can get there she takes a severe fever. Trying to save her life he finds that she also has the moon mark. They now have all three of the women of the prophesy. He takes her to the tribe.
This is a great journey of these six souls. God has a plan for these people; a plan for hope and a future in a world that is in chaos. God has a plan for you too. You might not have savages trying to destroy you but you have an enemy that is trying to steal, kill, and destroy. Give God your heart and watch Him work out His plan for you.   

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