Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The Seal's Secret Child by Elisabeth Rees

My review today is the Love Inspired Suspense, The Seal's Secret Child. This is the fifth book in the Navy Seal Defenders Series and it is an awesome book. You are probably tired of hearing about my military background and how I love the Seals and other special ops. service teams. Elisabeth does a great job with these books. I'm always excited to get her books. This one is well written, fast paced and full of action. There is always faith filling her stories and I love that. I know you will love this book.

Attorney Josie Bishop is defending an accused kidnapper. This man is accused of kidnapping a three year old girl. Josie knows there is no way this man could have done this but the whole town turns against her as she sets up her defense. She fears for her life and the life of her son. Her son gets on line and finds the father he has never known. He tells his father that his mother is in trouble so his father comes running.

Former Navy Seal Edward (Blade) Harding lost his leg years ago. He saw himself as half a man so leaving a note to his fiance` he took off. He never thought she might carry his child. When he receives an email from a child claiming to be his son and that his mother is in trouble he comes to save them.
There can be no future for them as she still treats him as half a man but he will fight to the death for his family.

A journey of two broken hearts that long to come together but past baggage stands between them. God has a plan for this little family; a plan of forgiveness and restoration. God has a plan for you too. Just surrender your heart to Him and watch Him restore what you have lost. He will make all things whole.

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  1. Hello Glenda! I am so happy to have discovered your blog as a fellow believer and sister in The Lord! I enjoyed your review on this book and I became a new follower on your site!

    Your review is such a ministry of encouragement! The message "God has a plan for you" is just what I needed today! :)

    God's Blessings to you! Net