Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Monday, March 20, 2017

Reluctant Brides Boxed Set by Elizabeth Rose

My review today is on the Medieval Romance Book Set, Reluctant Brides. I don't normal read secular books. I don't want sex in the books I read or foul language, so I didn't care for that part of the books but even though they contained more sex than I'm comfortable with the stories were well written and entertaining. I do love medieval stories and except for the sex I loved them.

The first book was Lord of Illusion a story of a twin boy who was stolen from his family and brought up as a thief and a lady who was to marry a man who had kidnapped her brother. Their struggles as he tries to save her from the marriage to a monster.

The second book, Ruby is about a young Lady who was brought up to be the son her father never had. She was anything but the Lady she should have been. The Baron has married three time and each of his wives had been killed before the wedding night. He decides the strong young woman might make it through the night alive as she could use weapons so he could fulfill his mission for the king.

The third book is The Baron's Bounty and it's about a man who needs a mother for his daughter and a wife for himself. He makes an alliance with a Scottish Laird to marry his daughter. He has never met her but has heard her called the Screw from Scotland. The Laird's daughter has problems and is ill quite often so he sends his orphaned niece to be a proxy. The niece is talked into going to meet the Baron by being bribed with her favorite thing, shoes. She didn't realize she would have to be the proxy on the wedding night for the consummation of the marriage.

The fourth book is Ian. Ian was left in the ruins of a castle as a newborn but brought up by his best friend's family. As an adult he tried to find out who he is and ends up in a dark place. His best friend's little sister tries to show him that she has grown up and want to be his wife but Ian has determined to never marry again but then the chieftain makes and alliance to marry her to the chieftain who had destroyed Ian's family, Ian must stop the marriage.  

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