Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
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Friday, September 5, 2014

Protected by the Warrior by Barbara Phinney

My book review today is on the Love Inspired Historical, Protected by the Warrior. I am always amazed by books about Medieval Times. I'm not sure how you would research their language and how they live, of course I have never tried to do that. Barbara does a great job on this one. Some times you end up with a lot modern day terms or phrases but they were not in this book. I really enjoyed this story.
I loved her characters and the whole concept of the book. I enjoy the way she has woven her faith into the tapestry. Awesome!

Clara is a Saxon midwife; she lived in the village of Colchester, hiding a young Norman slave and her newborn child, she is forced by the village to leave and go to Dunmow. The child's father, a Norman Baron, is searching for the child but Clara has vowed to protect the badly beaten girl, fearing for her life. After a few weeks of caring for Lady Endiva during her child birth, a message is received warning the Lord Adrien that Clara is dangerous and telling of her crime. The Sergeant at Arms is told to guard her and vows to find where the slave is hidden.

Kenneth D`Entremont is a Norman soldier. Once Lord Adrien's squire he is now in charge of the Keep while Lady Endiva recuperates from child birth. When he learns of Clara's sins against the Keep he throws her in the dungeon but is forced to release her when Lady Ediva has problems. Lord Adrien charges Kenneth to protect Clara.

Lord Taurin is determined to have his son and kill the mother and his wife. In producing the child to his in-laws they will give him great wealth, he will rival the king. This is a great story of trust and courage.
Clara vows to do no harm to anyone but Kenneth is a soldier trained to kill. Can these two very different people find a life together?

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