Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
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Monday, September 22, 2014

A Willow Ridge Christmas Pageant by Charlotte Hubbard

My book review today is on the novella, An Amish Christmas Quilt. Today I will talk to you about the first story, A Willow Ridge Christmas Pageant. I felt like I needed to take one story for each blog instead of reviewing the whole novella. This book was sent to me to read and review as I review all of Jennifer Beskstrand's books. All of my thoughts are my own and wasn't influenced by anyone. I love Amish stories so I was excite when I received this one and I do love Christmas stories too. I have never read any of Charlotte's books but I really enjoyed this one and hope to read more of her work. It was well written, heart warming, and I loved the characters.

Mary Kauffman is a recent widow. Her husband had been older and not the man she had once dreamed of. Her marriage took place mostly because her harsh father told her not to do it. Now she was left with two children that weren't her own; one a son that wanted nothing to do with her and a daughter she couldn't seem to console. Mary leaves her home and goes several hours away to stay with her aunt until she delivers her unborn child and can get back on her feet. As she drives to her aunt's home her water breaks and she goes into full labor. She comes to a place on the road when she can't go any farther.

Seth Brenneman is a carpenter. He's hard at work when a strange dog comes to his shop and refuses to stop barking until Seth follows him. At the buggy he finds two children, an unconscious woman, two cats,( who escape into the buggy and cause chaos)  and a miniature horse. He takes her to the clinic and goes to tell her aunt. The aunt leaves to help Mary and leaves him with the kids and a circus in the buggy. He soon ends up helping to deliver the child as Mary is to worn out to deliver.

The teacher of the school suggests a community pageant since they don't have enough children in the school. They decide to do a living nativity but Mary's father shows up at the service and forbids them to do such a wicked thing. Mary and the other members decide to have the nativity anyway; Mary, her tiny son, and Seth the carpenter. Soon word has gone out throughout the land.

A great Christmas journey of love, forgiveness, and faith. this is a must read story. The novella will be out in November but you can preorder it now at the address below.

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