Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
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Friday, September 26, 2014

A Perfect Amish Christmas by Jennifer Beckstrand

My book review today is on the Novella, An Amish Christmas Quilt, A Perfect Amish Christmas, this is the third and last story of the novella. I have really enjoyed this novella, I was sent the book to read and review from the publisher as I read, review, and love all of Jennifer's books. The views on the stories are all my own and no one has influenced my post. I love Christmas stories, I love Amish stories, and I do really love the Huckleberry Matchmakers.

Anna and Felty Helmuth are at it again, they bring their grandson, Gideon, back for Christmas. They plan to bring him together with their neighbor Dottie Schrock. Gideon returns for Christmas but comes a day early after he receives a letter from his cousin asking him to come a day later. Intrigued he shows up at Dottie's door the day she is planning a perfect party for her mamm.

Dottie's mamm had almost died last Christmas and this year she was determined to show her mamm a perfect Christmas even if that meant hurting a few peoples feelings. When the handsome Gideon shows up at her door, she tells him he is not welcomed at her party but when an extra girl shows up she is forced to go to him and beg him to come after all. How humiliating!

Gideon can't believe how she had grown up. He tries to go out of his way to help her with her perfect Christmas, but when a freak storm shows up and Dottie is lost, he's the one to go and find her.

A great humorous story you will absolutely love. This novella isn't out yet but will be soon. You may preorder it at the address below. I know you won't regret it;

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  1. Glenda,
    Thank you so much for another thoughtful review. I'm so happy you liked the novella. It's the first novella I've ever written and it was so much fun. I hope it will get everyone in the Christmas spirit!