Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A Christmas on Ice Mountain by Kelly Long

My book review today is on the second story in the novella, An Amish Christmas Quilt. This story is A Christmas on Ice Mountain and I enjoyed it very much. I haven't read any of Kelly's work before but will certainly read more. The story is well written, if anything it was just to short but then novellas are like that. I enjoyed the characters and the whole Hatfield and McCoy concept. It's an excellent read.

Matthew Beider is in love with a beautiful girl. The only problem is that his father and her father aren't speaking and haven't for years. The couple have been sneaking out to meet but have decided to visit the Bishop and have their marriage announced in church. Now they pray for a miracle.

Laurel Lapp is sneaking out to meet the man of her dreams. She attends a Quilting Frolic but manages to sneak out to meet the Bishop. Upon her return she is asked to take the Quilt to Grossmuder May up the mountain. As she heads out the weather suddenly turns colder. Snow and sleet make visibility almost impossible, she finally arrives but is force to spend the night.

Matthew learns that Laurel has gone up the mountain in the storm so he heads out to make sure that she had arrived. Matthew is wet and frozen when he arrives and he to is forced to spend the night.

Laurel's father is worried so head out to find Laurel early the next morning. Now the couple is found in a compromising situation and Laurel's father forces them to marry that day. Is this the miracle they prayed for? Could their love bring the families back together? You will want to buy this novella, you will enjoy every moment of it. You can preorder the book at the address below.

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