Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Bachelor Next Door by Kathryn Springer

My book review today is on the Love Inspired book, The Bachelor Next Door. This is the first book in the Castle Falls Series. Kathryn does a great job on this book. I can't wait to read the next story in this series. I simply fell in love with these characters. They are all terribly flawed but then most of us are. You love seeing how faith, love, and family turns the whole situation around.

Lily Michaels is a dedicated marketing executive but the illness of her best friend makes her step back and take a look at her life. Her father was a workaholic, after the death of his beloved wife he became an absentee father. Lily did everything she could to make him proud, now she began to understand there was more to life than work. She takes a vacation and goes to do a custom paint job for her ill friend. As she arrives she meets the oldest son of her client and he is just like her father. Lily looks upon him as a challenge to show him a different way of life.

Brendan Kane is the oldest of three sons, his mother was a drug addict and they had been removed from the home when he was but fifteen. It was Brendan that had kept the boys fed and he had protected them. Rich Mason caught him stealing food for his brothers and brought them home with him to his wife Sunni so they could adopt them. Brendan didn't trust him at first but he wanted a good life for his brothers. He wasn't accepted at the school and ended up in trouble. His foster father soon died and Brendan blamed himself for his death. He made a promise to Rich on his death bed. He would care for the business and Sunni.

Brendan is shocked when he finds Lily installed in his mother's home and is changing everything. He's not comfortable with change or with Lily, but she is on a mission. It's funny, heartwarming, and will touch you in your spirit. A great read, you need to get a copy.
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