Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Monday, July 7, 2014

In a Texas Ranger's Arms by Cynthia Hickey

My book review today in on the Heartsong Presents book, In a Texas Ranger's Arms. This is the second book of Cynthia's I've read. I really enjoy her work. As a retired manager in food service; I've always been fascinated by the Harvey Girls. They were so well trained in a time where that didn't really exist.
They were held to a state of excellency, even when they were on their own time, that we could use today.

Katie Gamble joins the Harvey Girls in an effort to hide from her abusive step-father after her mother's death. Katie also took with her the deed to her parents farm back in Missouri, papers stating the finding of oil on her property, and a small amount of cash.(which she returned) This land had been in her family for several generations but although they had lived in abject poverty, they had recently found oil on the property. Her step-father had a warrant out for her arrest; saying that she had stolen the deed, important papers, and all his money. Surly he couldn't find her in this little Texas town.

Texas Ranger Ward Alson goes home to his family. He has been shot and needs to recover but while he is recuperating he meets a beautiful Harvey Girl that works directly under his sister. There is something not quite right about this girl. Ward's Captain sends him orders to investigate the girl. There is an innocence about her but she is hiding something important. Then a man comes to town to accuse her; it's his word against hers.

A journey of faith, of letting go, and trusting God completely. Faith is woven into the story through and through. I love that. God's will is so important in our lives and releasing our faith and letting go is a must to get through this wicked world we live in today. I know you will enjoy this book you need to get a copy. God bless you this week.

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