Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A Place of Refugeby Janet Lee Barton

My book review today is one the Love Inspired Historical, A Place of Refuge by Janet Lee Barton. One of the Boarding House Brothels Series. I enjoyed this book. It is well written story about life in the tenements in New York City during the late eighteen hundreds. A horrible time in our history.

Kathleen O'Bryan is brought to Mrs Heaton's boarding house beaten half to death. Kathleen had been given a card by Mrs. Heaton when she was rescued from her brother-in-law a year ago. With the card in her pocket she now would be taken care of. Imagine her surprise when she opened her eyes and saw the man who had rescued her. She had never thought to see her hero again.

Luke Patterson was a heart broken author that lived in the boarding house. He helped Mrs. Heaton and her son to rescue women in need of help. The woman they brought to the home was hardly recognizable as the woman he had helped last summer. He was drawn to this woman and her family. Would he be able to keep her safe as the Heatons struggled to find a way to bring her out of the tenements.

A journey to rescue women in danger by people who only want to bring hope to the unfortunate. A great mission led by God. God always has a plan and they find He was in charge the whole time. I'm sure you'll love the book. God bless you all.

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