Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Monday, July 15, 2013

Messages byJohn Michael Hilnab

My post today is on the book Messages by John Michael Hilman. I have never read any of his books before but I loved this one and I will check out the other books he has written. I know God speaks to each of us in different ways and I loved this whole concept, especially the disclaimer at the end of the book saying don't try this at home before seeking help. His characters were great and I was really surprised who the bad guy was. I look forward to reading more of his work.

David chance is an intern at a local television network, bored in a meeting he allows his eyes to roam around the room. Words start to jump out at him, imagine his surprise when those words form a sentence and then it comes to pass. Feeling stunned he asks if he can leave, on his way home he wonders if he could do that again, like ESP. The words STOP NOW jumps out at him and with out thought he slams on his brakes. The car behind him lays on his horn and passes him only to be hit in the intersection by a semi that ran a red light. David is now totally shaken and pulls over. His next message is that the president is to be killed in two days and he must stop it.

David doesn't understand what is going on; is it ESP, some parallel universe thing, or his mind going to a new level of consciousness. After saving the life of his neighbor Frank, Frank suggests it might be God. David doesn't really believe in God although he has always wanted to. So begins a great adventure for David and his family, proving that one man who listens to God can change the whole world and do great exploits.

I am thankful for that still small voice that leads and guides me and not by words jumping off walls to get my attention. We each have our own assignment from God and He will get it across to you however He has to do it. You may not be the one to save the president from being killed but you might be the one who saves the soul of the next Billy Graham or save an unborn baby that will be our greatest president ever. I know you will enjoy this book, you may purchase it on Amazon or go to

Have a great week and God bless you.

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