Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Friday, July 12, 2013

Homespun Bride by Jillian Hart

My blog today is on the Love Inspired Historical Book, Homespun Bride by Jillian Hart. I have always enjoyed the Love Inspired books about the McKaslins in Montana, so it is great to be able to read about how they all came to be. I really liked this book. Jillian has a way of writing that is very entertaining. Her stories are always quite humorous and this one is no exception. Her faith is always there in her work too. I like that. This story takes place in the year of 1883 in the Montana territory.

Noelle Kramer goes to town with her Aunt Henrietta Worthinton. The horse on their sled is a new purchase and seems to be having problems, when the train whistle blows the frightened horse takes off running. Noelle had been injured in a buggy accident years ago causing the death of her parents and leaving her blind, as fear tries to consume her they are saved on the brink of the frozen river. Noelle recognizes the man who saved them by his voice. He was the man who left her on the night of their elopement years ago. A man she hated for breaking her heart.

Thaddeus McKaslin has just returned to Montana to help his family. He rushes in to save the two ladies only to find the love of his life is now blind. The last he had heard she was to be married but now here she was. He escorts the ladies home and helps them with the horse as he tries to protect his heart from betraying him.

Noelle's Uncle Robert is a banker with a dream of owning a horse  ranch and training horses. He quits his job at the bank but his judge of horseflesh is poor at best. He offers Thad a job but because of Noelle he refuses. When Thad finds the man broken and unconscious on the road to his home he helps the ladies with the horses and the chores. He is drawn to Noelle as he sees her each day. Noelle discovers the truth about why Thad left her as she to is drawn to love she once knew.

A great love story. I know you will enjoy this book. You can purchase it at Amazon. Have a great weekend and God bless you all. 

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