Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Move

Last week I told you about what a time I was having trying to get my apartment. Last Tuesday she called to tell me everything was set and to come in at eleven and we would set up the lease, it would only take a minute. So Wednesday I went in. The lady that runs the place, in another town, asked if Shannon had got me all signed up. Shannon didn't have any of the paperwork, so she had to send it but Shannon's printer wouldn't work, she ended up printing the page four or five times before she got a complete set. All in all it took several hours to get through what normally would take a few minutes.

I had put several boxes in the car so  I unloaded it. I just made it back to my daughter's when the heavens opened up and flooded the place. Kellie and I watched a movie when her daughter-in-law came in to tell us Schanae was with them in the basement and why weren't we taking shelter as there was a tornado spotted just out side of town. Oops! We have no place to take shelter so we prayed and went back to our movie. It rained for several days, I did manage to get a few things there.

Friday night I stayed there but I had to sleep on the floor. Saturday Kellie and Scott took me to the city wide garage sales. Scott didn't last long but the grand kids piled in and we went on for several hours. Kellie and I loaded up the van and brought over a lot of things but by the time we emptied the van I couldn't go any more but I still didn't have a bed. I told Kellie to forget the bed I was exhausted. Kellie and my grandkids did get my bed to me late Saturday night.

Sunday after church, Kellie had me over for lunch. It was great but we didn't try to move anything else. Early Monday morning Scott called and told me if I would walk out to Runza and get the car he would help me move the boxes in storage. We had to run a bunch of errands but we did get all the boxes moved. As of today I still need my couch and dining room table but otherwise I am moved in.

I feel like I am playing house. I am having so much fun. Last night my BFF came over, it was so cool. I am so happy. I still don't have a car, satellite, or internet but I do have a bunch of teaching CD's and lots of movies on DVD. Runza isn't to far to walk and they have WII so I'm doing good. My internet presence will not be as much but I will be on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. God bless you all.

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  1. Isn't that the way it works out? What is supposed to take a few minutes winds up taking several hours. When I am in one of these binds, I get uptight and, possibly later,I get sick.

    May God bless you as you adjust to your new home.